Acer Unconcerned About Possible Nokia Netbooks

Digitimes today reports that Acer chairman, JT Wang has said that the company is not concerned about the possible entrance of Nokia in the netbook market, however not for the reasons you’d think.

Our first assumption was that there are already so many netbooks out there, getting a bee in your bonnet about one more offering from a company who has never made computers before is kind of silly. However, Wang has said it is because PC vendors will have the advantage when competing for telecom providers' orders.

According to DT, Wang pointed out that while, PC vendors are still unable to compete against handset vendors over their long-term partnerships with telecom providers, netbooks are attracting consumers to start using 3G services and he believes PC vendors' partnerships with telecom providers will catch up to handset vendors within a year.

With Nokia rumored to launch a netbook before the year is out, we won’t have to wait long to see if the company has come up with something that Acer needs to worry about

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  • crockdaddy
    I am still not quite getting the netbook thing ...... I sorta want one but I am not sure why yet.
  • Greg_77
    Netbooks have their purpose. It's just a cheap way to get an ultraportable with great battery life as long as your willing to give up a lot of power. I don't see why the concept behind netbooks is so hard to grasp. Most people don't need more than an Atom processor anyways.
  • mdillenbeck
    Netbooks by cell phone companies offering 3G service is a good match. Although I am not one get "integrated service" that would be tied to a specific netbook (my current cellular broadband is a Novatel U727 with a Cradlepoint PHS300, a perfect fit for my wife and me), there are some strong advantages:

    1) internet access where you have cell phone access
    2) contract price discounts
    3) contract renewal discounted replacements

    My vision of the future? A small form factor netbook (say 5" widescreen) with a thumb keyboard and usb ports for full size devices combined with a build in bluetooth headset and long battery life. Not only would such a device be your ultra-portable netbook, it would double as your cell phone. It would have a large main battery for your netbook power, with a backup large cellphone battery to keep you talking even if the netbook has been drained.