CoolIT Teaming with Corsair on New Technology

Thursday during CES 2011, CoolIT Systems announced a partnership with Corsair to launch a new liquid cooling performance platform starting with the Hyrdo Series H60.

CoolIT also announced that the collaboration produced a new software-connected control system called Corsair Link which provides full control over case lighting, cooling systems, fans, power supplies and memory. For the first time ever, consumers will have the ability to optimize the entire PC to suit their acoustic, aesthetic and performance preferences... as long as the hardware features a Corsair Link connector.

According to Corsair's separate announcement, Corsair products that include the new connector can be linked to the Corsair Link Controller and report key parametric data including temperature, fan speed, pump speed and more. The data is converted into a visual presentation via the software for users to track and refine. Naturally as more Corsair Link components are added, more data is provided and more control over the PC is available to the user.

In an example provided by Corsair, a Corsair Link system could monitor the system's CPU cooler, DRAM, PSU, fan controller, lighting controller and temperature sensors-- all of which would plug into the Corsair Link Controller by way of embedded connectors. Corsair Dominator and Dominator GT modules with DHX Pro technology, Corsair Airflow Pro and CoolIT's new Hydro Series H60 are first the products with the new Corsair Link connectors.

Both CoolIT and Corsair worked on the software end, creating an easy-to-read user interface with drag-and-drop capabilities. Users can develop profiles that control multiple devices and parameters.

"For example, a 'Maximum Performance' profile might include instructions to run all cooling fans at maximum, boost the radiator fan speed on the H60 to maximum, monitor both CPU and cooling fluid temperature, and change the lighting in the case to give a visual indication of the selected profile," Corsair explained during the show. "Users can also use the application to track and log key parametric data from all of their connected components."

"We are thrilled to be working with one of the biggest names in enthusiast computing," said Geoff Lyon, President and CEO of CoolIT Systems, "Through this new partnership, Corsair’s experience and knowledge in the enthusiast computing space has provided invaluable guidance to create a tremendous technology offering."

The Corsair Link Controller and desktop application are slated to arrive in Q2 2011, however the new system is currently on display in the Las Vegas Convention Center, Booth 35864, this week during CES 2011.

CoolIT and Corsair have not provided pricing at this point.

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  • 11796pcs
    Cool, I especially like how the lights will change to fit the profile.
  • joytech22
    I think instead of cables to connect the devices, they should have implemented some form of wireless, because every part that reports any statistics uses power.
  • henydiah
    i hope H60 better for my CPU, i want buy for experiment