Coincidence? Microsoft Launches Office Next Blog

Is it a coincidence? On the heels of rumors that Microsoft plans to release the Office 2013 beta at a press conference on Monday, the company has now launched the Office Next blog.

The first entry is by PJ Hough, Corporate Vice President of Program Management in Microsoft's Office Division. He makes an interesting comment at the very end, declaring that this new version of Office -- aka Office 15 or Office 2013 -- will be "the most transformational release" he's worked on in the 18 years of his Microsoft tenure.

"I'm really excited to kick off this conversation and connect you with the engineers who are building future releases of Office," he writes. "Here, they'll discuss the improvements we make, the designs we choose and the data and feedback that inform our decisions."

This first entry offers a batch of positive comments stemming from those testing the technical preview announced back in January. "This testing helps us find and fix problems, and feedback from customers helps us fine tune our products to their work styles," he adds. "When they use early versions of our products and services on their turf, we learn a ton about how to evolve them to best support the ways people work."

Positive comments offered in the blog include a mother and PTA board member, a student, and a business owner. Following these remarks is Hough's eager conclusion to the blog entry, stating that he's ready to share more about some of the company's new products and services. Information will also be shared via @office and the #officepreview hash tag on Twitter, he said.

Start reading Office Next by heading here.

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  • phamhlam
    I can't wait to download the beta.
  • math1337
    Still has ribbons. Still has word, excel, and powerpoint. So transformational...
  • memadmax
    meh, office is office.... It's supposed to be for production line work(blogging is far from that)
    If we were to deploy this crap we would prolly disable the blogging/cloud/whatever functions as we need people to WORK, not screw around on crap like this....