Intel to Launch Four New Mobile Ivy Bridge Celerons in Q1 2013

Targeted as replacements for the entry-level and ULV Celeron 800 and B800 series, Intel will introduce two ultra-low voltage processors, the 1.5 GHz 1007U and the 1.8 GHz 1037U, both of which arrive with a TDP of 17 watts and support for DDR3-1333 memory. The mainstream models, the 1.8 GHz 1000M and the 2.1 GHz 1020M are rated at 35 watts and are combined with DDR3-1600 memory.

The lower power consumption of the U processor is also made possible due to a clocked down graphics unit, which runs at 350 MHz/1000 MHz, versus 650 MHz/1000 MHz in the mainstream versions. All new Celeron processors are dual-core models without support for Hyper-Threading.

Prices are unknown at this time, but expect them to land in the same neighborhood as the current 800/B800 series, which spans from $80 to $134 for the dual-core models.

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  • kawininjazx
    Celerons are great CPUs for basic workstations, I am actually impressed by the multi core ones, though I would spring for a Pentium if I was on a budget. At least you still get to run an intel chipset on a cheap CPU.
  • A Bad Day
    hydac7Celerons are great for landfills

    i5 37750s are an absolute overkill for low power usage, such as web browsing, word processing, movies, micro-servers, etc.

    Actually, the i5s would be terrible for low power usage compare to the ultra-low volted chips.
  • tomfreak
    how about a low power celeron ivy desktop to kill off E-350/atom?