Intel Says SSD Sales Are Not Picking Up Yet

So far, however, there is not much acceleration to notice in the SSD market, says Intel. Intel's Stacy Smith stated that there has not been a "big uptake" yet, even if he expects that to happen eventually.

At this point it appears as Intel is pinning its SSD hopes much more on ultrabooks, which will have a form factor that will favor SSDs over hard drives, as long as hard drive vendors won't come up with thinner hard drives that would fit nicely inside thin designs. If ultrabooks have as much opportunity as Intel claims, it is rather unlikely that HDD vendors will not take a shot at that market as well, once the supply situation has recovered.

TechEye reported that SSDs are getting cheaper while HDD prices climb. At least in European outlets, 70 percent of the 50 most popular SSDs saw their prices drop in October and November.

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  • sceen311
    Drop the price and you'll see Sales pick up.
  • classzero
    Reduce the production costs, reduce retail price, sales will pick up. I know I can not afford a 512 SSD.
  • surfer1337dude
    Im not willing to buy until the price drops from roughly $2/gb to around $.75-.50/gb...
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  • ahnilated
    Could this have to do with the Sandybridge fiasco and their worthless 22XX chipset causing BSOD's for like 6 months before they have a possible fix or a clue about the error?
  • sceen311
    Drop the price and you'll see Sales pick up.
  • wolfram23
    No kidding Intel. Why don't you ask Corsair and OCZ how they're doing, though? I bet it's a different story. Mainstream people want fast, and Sandforce is fast.