Is Microsoft Really a Dying Consumer Brand?

That's a bold statement, considering the strength that Microsoft has right now in the technology sector. The huge majority of the world's computers run on some kind of Windows, and much of the world's businesses rely on some kind of Microsoft productivity software.

That, however, is just in the realm of desktop computing. Businesses may still be in Microsoft's hands, but what about consumers?

In contrast, Apple has incredible strength with consumers, but doesn’t have a hold on businesses. Consumers are snatching up the iPhone and iPad to go along with their iPods, but businesses aren't running Mac OS X.

Even though Microsoft has done well with the Xbox, the Zune failed to take off, and now Windows Phone 7 has a battle ahead of it against the iPhone and Android.

Check out CNN's opinion here, and let us know if you agree or disagree!

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  • tolham
    CNN is the dying brand.
  • ispam
    Let me guess, Steve Jobs wrote it.
  • 96stangman
    Ill make it simple no
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  • 96stangman
    Ill make it simple no
  • bustapr
    Statement is bull...
  • uronacid
    CNN is about as reliable as Obama.