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Power And Temperature

System Builder Marathon, Q1 2013: $800 Enthusiast PC

At this point, the power consumption chart we see below should have been expected. We're already well-acquainted with the Ivy Bridge architecture's efficient nature compared to anything we've seen AMD achieve with Piledriver. But it really hits home when you consider that we used a 520 W power supply in an $800 build, and barely topped 350 W of consumption with our CPU and GPU overclocked. I don't think I'd be comfortable using the same PSU on last quarter's build, which approached 500 W when we overclocked it.

The thermal results come in fairly close to each other, though Intel's CPU does heat up quickly when we apply more voltage and a higher multiplier to it. Rosewill's RCX-ZAIO-92does a great job at stock clock rates. However, it's quickly overwhelmed when the Core i5 is pushed to 4.4 GHz (it makes sense now that Thomas said, "Though it was somewhat hot and noisy on our Core i7 test system, we could recommend the Rosewill unit specifically to Core i3 overclockers with extremely tight budgets" in his review of this sink).

Considering the FX-8350's high power usage, the $1,000 build’s Xigmatek's Loki heat sink does quite well in comparison.

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