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Mobile Gaming: Can Core i7-2920XM Beat Desktop Core i7-980X?

So, can Intel’s latest high-end mobile processor really outperform its most-extreme desktop part in a gaming configuration? Let’s first take a look at what our CPU benchmarks showed.

While the Core i7-2920XM makes its extreme mobile predecessor look like a low-end part, the desktop CPU triumphs by a margin that’s almost as big. Yet, many of our applications were optimized for the desktop part's six-core architecture, while most games are not. So, let’s get to the heart of the matter.

A 1% lead in games for the i7-2920XM amounts to a performance and efficiency coup for the mobile processor, at least when both it and the Core i7-980X are paired with the Radeon HD 6970M. Our previous desktop tests have shown that PCIe performance has less impact on Nvidia graphics processors, so the i7-2920XM’s on-die PCIe controller could explain the small discrepancy between graphics brands.

Shortening the discussion to the question posed in today’s title: yes, the Core i7-2920XM can beat the Core i7-980X in mobile gaming. But desktop gaming enthusiasts need not fear the reaper quite yet, as we still haven’t found a notebook graphics solution capable of convincing Eyefinity or Surround performance.

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