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Core i7-4790K Review: Devil's Canyon Tantalizes Enthusiasts

It's difficult to get a sense of scale from four comparison points. However, if we were to add, say, AMD's Kaveri-based A10-7850K to the chart, you'd see a workload completion time in 3ds Max 2012 of 3:46. That's 1:45 longer than a stock Core i7-4790K. In the context of our battle between Haswell-based processors, though, the biggest benefit again comes from overclocking the stock Core i7-4770K. Of course, a stock 4790K is just a bit quicker, and applying some extra clock rate to the new CPU helps even more. 

For the sake of comparison, a Core i7-4790K, overclocked, is almost as fast as a Core i7-3930K at its default clock rate in this well-threaded application.

Expect steady improvements as you step from Core i7-4770K at its factory frequencies to the same CPU overclocked to a Core i7-4790K. Blender easily taxes all four cores on both processors, so the overclocked chips are operating at 4.2 and 4.4 GHz, respectively.

Vegas Pro 12 is set up to exploit our GeForce GTX Titan through OpenCL. Despite the fact that we're offloading some of the host processing workload, CPU performance does still matter, as only some of the rendering process is accelerated.

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