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Power Consumption And Value

System Review: Digital Storm's Gaming Dominator

Digital Storm’s single GeForce GTX 295 uses the equivalent of two GTX 275 graphics processors, while the Maingear Ephex relies on three GeForce GTX 285 cards. But power reductions don’t end there, as Digital Storm was also able to get its CPU overclock and memory speed using default settings, while Maingear increased voltage for both. How much difference will these changes make in peek GPU and CPU power draw?

A 76 W total power savings under full CPU load is significant, yet an increase in GPU idle power is part of that equation. More significant is the GPU load test, where the lower-performance Gaming Dominator’s less-elaborate graphics configuration is the leading reason for its 43% power savings.

A 10% overall performance difference paired with a 20% minimum power consumption difference gives the Gaming Dominator a significant efficiency lead.

Value always favors less-expensive systems, yet going “too small” results in a system that can’t keep up with high-end tasks. Fortunately, the Gaming Dominator survived most of our graphics tests with smooth frame rates up to a 2560x1600 graphic resolution, so most high-end buyers should be pleased with its combination of adequate performance and greater value.

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