Fujitsu MAN3367MP - A Gentle SCSI-Runner

Business Disk Winmarks

In terms of business performance, Seagate's 15,000 rpm drive, the ST318451LC, is much faster. The two IDE drives from Western Digital are very much on its tail. Business applications are certainly not the reason why such drives are being built, so let's move on to the Highend Disk WinMark.

Highend Disk Winmarks

In this important benchmark, the new Fujitsu drive achieves results that are quite good. Seagate's top-performance drive is faster once again - due to its 15,000 rpm. Only Western Digital's 100 GB drive with 8 MB cache is able to achieve a higher score, and that is due to the higher data density of this IDE drive. Please note that this benchmark does not include CPU usage. This might be a decisive factor to opt in favor of SCSI drives.

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