Gainward's CoolFX Ultra/2600 Runs Water Cool and Performance Hot

The CoolFX Cooling System

The water-cooling system forms the beating heart of the Gainward CoolFX Kit. It consists not only of the heat sink on the card but also a radiator and the water pump, which are interconnected with hoses. Solid metal screws provide a firm, watertight connection. Before you buy the card, you should really measure your PC case to make sure there is enough room for the massive radiator and the water pump. It is not designed for an external set-up. The perfect case is a big tower.

The radiator unit adequately cools the heated fluid. Fine cooling ribs carry the heat to an airflow generated by a slow, quiet 5" fan. The fan can be secured on both sides of the radiator. The radiator itself should be installed on the inside at the back or front of the case if possible, which will require more drilling or sawing work in most cases.

A possible solution to set up CoolFX in a midi-tower PC case.

The radiator with the fan attached to it.
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