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Synchronizing And USB Debugging

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1: A Second-Gen Android Tablet

Windows 7: Samsung Kies 2.0Windows 7: Samsung Kies 2.0

Getting data onto the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is slightly different from other Android-based tablets. Mainly, Samsung provides an iTunes-esque program called Kies that allows you to backup/restore, import/export information, and synchronize data within a single interface.

Portable Device in Windows 7Portable Device in Windows 7

For those who prefer manually dragging and dropping files, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 still appears as a Portable Device under Windows 7. If you're only using Kies, it's possible to import files from Windows Explorer that way. Exporting from Kies only works if you use the "Save to PC" button, though.

Enable Kies via Wi-Fi under Wireless and Network SettingsEnable Kies via Wi-Fi under Wireless and Network SettingsEnable Kies via Wi-Fi on Host SystemEnable Kies via Wi-Fi on Host System

Kies via Wi-FiKies via Wi-FiNo ID3 MetadataNo ID3 Metadata

The most interesting feature in Kies 2.0 is the ability to sync data over a local wireless network. Just bear in mind that performance is far less than what you'd expect from USB 2.0. In addition, it's not possible to perform a backup wirelessly, and you can't read ID3 metadata for MP3 files stored on the tablet.

Mac OS X: Samsung Kies 1.0, No Anroid File TransferMac OS X: Samsung Kies 1.0, No Anroid File Transfer

The experience is more limited for Mac users. Wireless sync is only available through Kies 2.0, a Windows-only release so far. On a Mac, you're forced to use the older Kies 1.0, which is effectively the same, minus the ability to backup and restore data. Worse, there's no way to use Android File Transfer, so you really have to use Kies. The same dragging and dropping rules apply in Mac OS X with Kies 1.0 as they do with Kies 2.0 in Windows. You can import, but there's no way to export files unless you use the "Save to PC" button.

Windows 7: USB Debugging OnWindows 7: USB Debugging OnMac OS X: USB Debugging OnMac OS X: USB Debugging On

It's easy to take screenshots now that TouchWiz adds a dedicated key. However, if you prefer the DDMS (Dalvik Debug Monitor Server) tool or need USB debugging to develop apps, there is a known issue to consider. For whatever reason, enabling USB debugging disables the MTP protocol required for the tablet to appear as a portable device under Windows 7. If you subsequently open Kies, you'll get an error stating, "Reconnect the device in Samsung Kies (PC Studio) mode. Current connection mode not supported by Kies." The situation is the same on a Mac.

Windows 7: DDMS ToolWindows 7: DDMS ToolMac OS X: DDMS ToolMac OS X: DDMS Tool

We've used other tablets that don't exhibit this problem. Undoubtedly, this quirk will frustrate a limited few because it's an undocumented problem that we stumbled upon.

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