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Corsair CMPSU-AX850

Roundup: 12 Gaming Power Supplies Compared
By , Patrick Afschar

The Corsair CMPSU-850AX stands out in this roundup in two ways. First, its 850 W power rating puts it at the top with regard to output. And second, according to the manufacturer, this is a PSU suitable for professional environments, not specifically for gamers. Its performance and features surely make it suitable for gamers, just like the other power supplies. Corsair underlines its confidence in the quality of the PSU with an impressive seven-year warranty. Altogether, this is also reflected in the price of $180.

An interesting feature, just like on Seasonic's submission, is a fan that only powers up when there is at least a 20% load (around 170 W). Up until that point, it remains silent. In this way, your gaming PC stays quiet during work time, too.

All cables are modular, and the single +12 V rail can handle up to 70 A. The cable lengths and number of connectors are fairly generous.

Corsair CMPSU-AX850
AC Input90-264 V, 50-60 Hz
DC Output+3.3 V+5 V+12 V (#1)+12 V (#2)+12 V (#3)+12 V (#4)-12 V+5 Vsb
25 A25 A70 An/an/an/a0.5 A3.0 A
Individual Output      6 W15 W
Rail UtilizationSysSysCPU & VGA
Combined Output125 W840 W
Total Continuous Output850 W
Peak Output??? W

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