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Crysis Setup

Shuttle XPC Prima P2 4800X System Review
By , Jeff Prehm

Crysis continues to cut down powerful systems as fast as Nomad dispatches his foes. At first, the system was not stable and was overheating. We then updated the BIOS and used the Nvidia system tools software to turn the fan speed up on the GeForce GTX 280, which helped. However, Crysis continued to cause the system to crash at resolutions of 1920x1200, which we resolved with the driver 178.24 release in October. The system would not crash even at 1920x1200 with 16x anti-aliasing and Very High system settings. We did continue to have heat issues (understandably) during our OC test and could not resolve them.

Screen resolutionScreen resolution


Playing through each level of the game showed that this system had no major weaknesses--well, at least compared to full-sized systems running Crysis.

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