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Battery Life And Recharge Time

Samsung Series 7 11.6" Slate: Breathing New Life Into Tablet PCs

Our battery tests represent a worst-case scenario for all of these devices because we dial brightness up to each screen's maximum value. This is something you'll see evolve in 2012 to include battery life results indicative of a normalized screen brightness level.

For the time being, though, we put specific emphasis on display quality, and we want to show you what you end up with, mobility-wise, when you take advantage of the higher-end screens available on tablets and tablet PCs. The resulting scores are particularly hard on the slates based on x86 hardware. Because they consume significantly more power and are never allowed to sit idle, they generally don't compare favorably. The advantages of ARM's architecture is most apparent in this case.

Despite a battery test that we already know is stacked against both slates, Samsung's offering is vastly superior to Asus' here. Not only does it come equipped with an excellent display, but it also shoulders three hours of a relatively heavy workload before running out of juice. If you enable the ambient light sensor to auto-dim brightness, you can easily expect four to five hours of useful life. And that's what makes this tablet PC better suited to the daily grind as you jump from one meeting to the next.

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