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128 KB Sequential Performance

OCZ Vector 256 GB Review: An SSD Powered By Barefoot 3

Sequential Read Performance

Examples include file copying, transcoding, game level loading, some gameplay, watching video, and editing video

With the exception of Crucial’s m4, all of the drives in today's review top out between 530 and 550 MB/s in sequential reads. Practically, we cannot expect much more from the SATA 6Gb/s interface.

But most desktop workloads are going to impose much lower queue depths. As you drop back to a queue depth of one, the Vector delivers close to 380 MB/s, which is less than the 840 Pro's 410 MB/s and the Vertex 4's 405 MB/s. Fortunately, the Vector does improve upon the Vertex 4's performance.

Sequential Write Performance

Examples include Application Installation, Document Backup

Our sequential write performance looks pretty similar. In this case, however, Samsung's 840 Pro cannot be overtaken by any other drive.

OCZ's Vector doesn't trail far behind, though, generally outperforming the Vertex 4 for a second-place finish.

The SandForce-based SSDs do reasonably well in this test, boasting speeds near 350 MB/s at a queue depth of one, so long as you're working with compressible data. However, once you start working with incompressible files, throughput falls to somewhere between 290 and 310 MB/s.

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