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Supported Memory Size - Windows Vista And Windows XP

Vista Workshop: More RAM, More Speed

Regardless of which version of Windows you are using, all 32 bit systems are limited to a maximum of 4 GB of RAM. The only exceptions to this rule are the Starter Editions, which are primarily targeted at developing nations.

Memory Limit
Windows Vista 32 bit 64 bit
Ultimate 4 GB 128 GB
Enterprise 4 GB 128 GB
Business 4 GB 128 GB
Home Premium 4 GB 16 GB
Home Basic 4 GB 8 GB
Starter 1 GB -

There is only a single 64 bit version of Windows XP, which is identical in feature set with Windows XP Professional. From a technical perspective, it is built around the Windows 2003 Server kernel (Version 5.2).

Memory Limit
Windows XP 32 bit 64 bit
Professional 4 GB 128 GB
Home 4 GB -
Starter Edition 512 MB -
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