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Hardware Acceleration

Web Browser Grand Prix: Chrome 20, Opera 12, Firefox 13

Facebook JSGameBench v0.4.1

This HTML5 benchmark from Facebook also covers WebGL.

Firefox 13 takes the lead in overall hardware acceleration with just over 5000 points. Mozilla is followed by Google, as Chrome 20 scores nearly 3750 points to place second. IE9 falls to third place. Opera 12 only manages about 400 points to place fourth, followed closely by Safari 5.1.7 in fifth place.

HTML5 Hardware Acceleration

We dropped Mozilla's Hardware Acceleration Stress Test from the suite because the supported browsers all hit the maximum frame rate of 60 FPS. We replaced it with WebVizBench, which produces a four-digit score like Psychedelic Browsing.

Composite Scoring

The HTML5 Hardware Acceleration composite is the average of the WebVizBench and Psychedelic Browsing scores.

IE9 has a slight edge over Firefox 13 in HTML5 hardware acceleration, 7188 points to 6978. Chrome 20 places third. Opera 12 and Safari 5.1.7 are distant fourth- and fifth-place finishers.

Drill Down

The charts below are for Psychedelic Browsing and WebVizBench.

Microsoft Psychedelic BrowsingMicrosoft Psychedelic BrowsingWebVizBenchWebVizBench

Internet Explorer pulls ahead due to its high score in Psychedelic Browsing and a strong showing in WebVizBench. While Psychedelic Browsing shows Chrome to be solidly in third place, Google's browser manages the highest score in WebVizBench.


Chrome and Firefox are still the only browsers with default WebGL implementations on Windows 7.

Composite Scoring

The WebGL composite is the average of the "higher is better" FPS results from Mozilla's WebGL FishIE Tank and WebGL Solar System from Chrome Experiments.

Firefox 13 takes the lead with an average 48 frames per second, followed Chrome 20 at 37 FPS.

Drill Down

The charts below contain the individual results for WebGL FishIE Tank and WebGL Solar System.

Mozilla WebGL FishIE TankMozilla WebGL FishIE TankWebGL Solar SystemWebGL Solar System

Both browsers do quite well in Mozilla's WebGL remix of Microsoft's FishIE Tank benchmark, while Chrome can't even manage 15 FPS in WebGL Solar System.

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