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SSD - Page 5


Solid-state drives are the latest and highest performing storage technology. We have all the information you need, from prices to speeds to reliability, in order to help you choose the right ssd for your needs.

news - JUNE 12 10

Mushkin is introducing a new lineup of PCIe based SSDs, some which feature some absurd (read: mind-bogglingly high) speeds.

reviews - JUNE 11 13

As enterprise SSDs become more specialized and application-focused, Intel is hoping its SSD DC S3500 will strike a chord with customers looking for excellent read performance on a budget. We compare this drive...

news - JUNE 9 30

Small and fast drive was on show at Computex.

reviews - JUNE 7 40

SanDisk is looking for a rise to prominence in the SSD segment with a new Marvell 88SS9187-based drive. The Extreme II packs 19 nm Toggle-mode NAND (from SanDisk, naturally), specialized firmware, and...

news - JUNE 5 21

Fast storage could be yours!

news - JUNE 5 2

Memoright is soon rolling out a new lineup of SSDs, the XTM series. They will be built using less expensive 19 nm TLC flash.

news - JUNE 4 7

ASRock has connected 22 SSDs to a single motherboard, the Z87-Extreme11/ac.

news - JUNE 4 3

SanDisk has introduced several SSD solutions for OEMs, and its fastest and most responsive SATA 3 SSD to date for consumers.

news - JUNE 3 4

Toshiba is producing 64 Gb NAND chips using its second-generation 19 nm processing tech.

news - JUNE 2 3

BIWIN's upcoming SSDs will use 99 percent less power than standard full-size mSATA SSDs while running idle.

news - MAY 31 4

Kingston is releasing a new lineup of business-oriented SSDs.

reviews - MAY 28 27

OCZ is shaking up its current product stack by replacing the year-old Vertex 4 SSD. The Vertex 450 matches Barefoot 3 controller silicon with 20 nm synchronous NAND for something slightly more economical than...

news - MAY 27 28

Innodisk has announced an absolutely tiny SSD that should still perform alarmingly well.

news - MAY 24 12

OCZ is unleashing a new lineup of SSDs, the Vertex 450 series.

news - MAY 23 2

Samsung has started the production of a high-performance SSD for servers and data centers.

news - MAY 23 1

Transcend is releasing a tiny mSATA SSD.

news - MAY 22 2

SanDisk is now sampling flash memory products based on the company's second-generation 19-nm process tech.

news - MAY 19 24

The DXT08B0Q and DXM05B0Q firmware updates provide the Samsung 840 and 840 Pro SSDs with improved read performance and enables DAS function as a default option.

news - MAY 16 1

I-O Data has announced the arrival of the SSDN-3V Series SSDs.

news - MAY 14 0

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reviews - MAY 14 84

One SSD is good, right? So, two SSDs in RAID 0 must be better. That’s certainly the case when you're benchmarking sequential performance. But we're finding that, except in extreme examples, one SSD that's...

news - MAY 8 5

Seagate has revealed four storage solutions spanning the consumer to the server.

reviews - MAY 8 21

Seagate is the world's largest purveyor of mechanical hard drives. As the company prepares for mortal combat in the consumer SSD space, are its wits, Toshiba's Toggle-mode NAND, and SK hynix memory solutions'...

news - MAY 8 6

WD revealed a bit more about its Black SSHD storage solution.

reviews - MAY 7 10

After years of halfhearted attempts to join the solid-state storage market, Seagate is finally ready to reinvent itself with a new family of SSDs. The first one we're looking at is the enterprise-class 600 Pro....

news - MAY 6 3

The Corsair SSD & Hard Drive Cloning Kit is aimed to help data migration; the SSD Toolbox is advertised as offering a convenient way for users to monitor the health of their drives.