Diablo III's Female Monk Spotted on Camera

By now we already know about four out of five classes we'll play in Blizzard's upcoming action/RPG game, Diablo III: the Barbarian, the Witch Doctor, the Wizard, and the Monk.

The latest reveal was the action-packed Monk, an incredible character with fists of steel and and an explosive talent for scattering enemies. With all the blood and mayhem, dangling this character in the faces of gamers was like showing a child a huge chocolate bar and saying "you can have this," and then eating it.

But like one of those girls who just can't make up her mind, Blizzard continues to tease Diablo III fans with little peeks. The company's latest stunt certainly wasn't innocent: The Jace Hall Show supposedly captured images of a yet-unrevealed character during episode 2 of season 3.

I personally didn't buy the whole Diablo III design meeting. It was all staged by the Blizzard to offer a glimpse of the new character. It's all PR marketing. It's all about entertaining you, The Dedicated Gamer. We know it. You know it. Let's move on.

So what's this new character? It's supposedly the female version of the Monk, and Jace Hall got to see four concepts on paper before darting out the door with one in his hand. There's no information regarding this character, however I've thrown up a few stills taken from the video. Thanks to BizzPlanet for providing the screens.

To see this particular episode of the Jace Hall Show featuring the design meeting, head here.

  • Short hair! FAIL!
  • jojodadude
    Nice take on this one Kevin. Blizzard been overly obvious/obnoxious with their viral marketing. I will care when I see it on the shelves.
  • anamaniac
    I hope it takes a 5970 or higher just to max this game at 1920x1080, but can use a lowly 4650 at 1920x1080 at minimum settings.
    I want software to advance past hardware again...
    Also, native mutli monitor support.

    This game better be good Blizzard, I have been waiting a VERY long time for this. I remember finding a Diablo 1 demo and playing it, it was awesome. I eventually bough D2 and much later on the expansion (I miss my hammerdin and druid). I even played though D1 some more (I had a D1 disc laying around one day, no idea were it came from, but I'm not complaining).
    Diablo, for me, was the second best game in history. Only beaten by the insanely addictive WoW (I got addicted because my guild became like my family I guess).

    Blizzard, you have many people that will do anything for this game. Please go all out, but focus on game play first (regardless, DX11 physics, tessellation, you name it).

    If the games good enough I'm even willing to wait a few more years.
    Oh, and don't make the expansion messed up (inventory items giving bonus', wtf?)

  • quickwind
    I was a big diablo fan, but Blizzard's quality seems to be going downhill with garbage easy mode games like WoW, and all the patches in LoD to make so many overpowered items. If I hear the game is actually a challenge I might consider it. I also don't think the graphics fit the nature of diablo very well. Perhaps blizzard will get my money for the first time in nearly a decade, but probably not.
  • short hair.. haha, be happy she has hair there buddy :P
  • bboysil
    i just hate the cartoony colorful graphics in D3 :(
  • barmaley
    Ok, let me clear something up. It has been previously announced as well as demonstrated in the game play demo that EVERY character will have a male and a female version. For example, you can play as a male wizard or a female wizard. However, they are both still wizards! The way this article is written, it makes the impression that the 5th character is a female monk! WTF!? It does NOT go like: Barbarian, Wizard, Witch Doctor, Monk and Female Monk! LOL!!! Just an alter ego of an existing character. Nothing to see here... BTW, I'm pretty sure the fifth character will be a range attack one, like rogue or amazon.
  • antemon
    ranged attacker? I'd be totally happy with a gun-wielding char in D3 :)
  • trinix
    The game will require a *350 or better and use dx9, maybe dx10. It's blizzard we are talking about, low graphics, high gameplay and replay.

    The quality of the games is not really the problem if you ask me. it's the overly hyping and long waits between the titles. They try to stretch it all as long as possible and in the end a lot of players just lost interest in the game. I don't care about it anymore and I'm not buying other blizzard games either.

    Bioware is a lot better on the marketing. Sure, they don't let you wait so long and good multiplayer options to keep you occupied in their games, but when you are done with one game, the other franchise is starting the hype engine and you just want to get that game too. They just never have to forget that quality is better than quantity and we will have a bright future with good bioware games and once a decade a few good blizzard games.
  • JohnnyLucky
    I watched the video clip. I was not impressed.