Rockstar Extra Multiplayer Games And More With 'Lowriders' Update

Even with the tidal wave of blockbuster titles coming one after another for the past few months, Rockstar continues to update Grand Theft Auto Online with new features to keep players hooked on the ever-changing landscape of San Andreas. The latest update, titled Lowriders, obviously now allows an extra layer of customization to a select group of cars, but it also introduces other gameplay modes and features.

There are only six car models in the game that support the lowrider feature, and not only can you customize the vehicle's hydraulics, you can make use of other attractive features such as adding bobbleheads, installing a new sound system, and even changing the gear shift levers. However, you can only make these changes at one shop called "Benny's Original Motor Works" in the Strawberry neighborhood in Los Santos.

To go along with the vehicle theme of the update, three more multiplayer modes are also included. "Keep the Pace" takes a page out of the action movie Speed, where players have to stay above a minimum speed limit while racing around a course littered with obstacles. If they go below the limit, the car explodes. "Offense Defense" is a team-based match, where both teams have a designated player as a Runner who must reach the end of the route with their car.

However, the Runner is defended by teammates called Protectors. These Protectors also have to find various ways to hinder the progress of opposing Runners.

Finally, there's "Relay," which is similar to the relay races in track and field competitions. Players take turns racing around a track while their teammate waits at the finish line to start the next lap. The race continues until the full team completes the relay.

For those who prefer to stay away from the action to focus on making short films with the Rockstar Editor, the company added the ability to create custom scenes with the Scene Creator. Players can choose from over 200 props to create a backdrop for their stories, and save up to four custom scenes for repeated use.

In addition, two new weapons, as well as the ability to add a fourth property or garage in your name, made it into the update. There are also a few minute details added, such as new player interactions, more accessories, tattoos, and haircuts for your character; updated PC mouse controls (which specifically deal with flying vehicles); and a vehicle remote to activate the engines, turn on the lights, or open the trunk to show off your new and glamorous ride.


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  • chicofehr
    No love for story mode? Why is online the only thing getting more content?
  • Gam3r01
    No love for story mode? Why is online the only thing getting more content?
    Because that is where most of the playtime is spent in general.
    This may be different for you, but speaking generally.
  • Achoo22
    16814303 said:
    No love for story mode? Why is online the only thing getting more content?
    Because they want people to buy in-game money with real money via Shark Cards and these updates aren't as much work as a major story overhaul of the sort they traditionally release as DLC. I'm sure it's in the pipeline, though.
  • ern88
    I want more heist missions!!!!
  • hitman400
    How is it possible that you can have lowriders online, but not offline. How does that make an ounce of sense?