Report: Nokia Has Been Working on an Android Phone

Nokia once described companies that use Android to Finnish boys who 'pee in their pants' for warmth (i.e., only temporary relief). However, it looks like the company could soon be producing an Android phone of its own.

Nokia adopted Windows Phone as its primary smartphone OS in 2011 and is now owned by Microsoft. But does that mean the company will be churning out exclusively Windows Phone devices? Maybe not. Rumor has it that Nokia has been building its own Android phone. Codenamed Normandy, the device is supposedly a low-end phone that runs a customized version of Android. The picture above allegedly shows Normandy in all its glory and was posted to Twitter by well-known leaker @evleaks.

According to The Verge, this device was in development before Microsoft agreed to buy Nokia, and it's not yet clear if development will continue prior to the closing of the Microsoft deal, or if Microsoft will ditch the project once the acquisition closes.

A couple of years back, Google's Eric Schmidt said Mountain View would have loved to have partnered with Nokia and that the company had 'certainly tried' to convince Nokia to go Android over Windows Phone. The issue at the time was supposedly down to Nokia feeling like it wouldn't be able to differentiate itself in the Android market. A modified version of the Android OS (and we're talking modified like Kindle Fire, not modified like Sense UI), would certainly resolve that issue.

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  • vmem
    I call BS

    if it was still merely partnered with Microsoft, then fine... but I can't see a Microsoft OWNED Nokia using another OS
  • Blazer1985
    Highly unlikely.
    Modifying the whole OS doesn't sound like a moneymaker for a half/outside/of/water company like Nokia.
  • southernshark
    Yeah I can't see Microsoft selling Android products. It would be like Apple selling a low end Android phone....