Can The Flash-Based ioDrive Redefine Storage Performance?

Throughput, Interface Bandwidth

The interface bandwidth benchmark returns the maximum throughput we measured on our storage benchmark tool h2benchw 3.6, which is based on 128 sector read/write operations. It is possible to achieve higher throughput at a fixed 512 KB block size, though, which will get you to the level that was stated by Fusion-io.

Sequential read throughput again is based on h2benchw. It is impressive to see that Samsung’s 64 GB flash SSD maxes out at 92 MB/s, while Mtron’s Pro 7500 reaches 117 MB/s. The RAID 0 setup using two Samsung drives reaches twice the bandwidth at up to 186 MB/s. However, the ioDrive is still three times faster, reaching up to 576 MB/s. There is only a 40 MB/s throughput difference between the maximum capacity (80 GB), improved write performance (40 GB) and maximum write performance modes (27 GB).

Write performance is considerably slower, but the ioDrive still does excellently.