Can The Flash-Based ioDrive Redefine Storage Performance?

Web Server, Database Performance

Web server I/O operations mostly concern reads from Web clients, which is why the flash SSDs do much better in this benchmark, reaching more than 6,000 I/O operations per second. However, Fusion-io is still three times as fast, and even better when switching to improved write performance.

Database IOps involve lots of small reads and writes that are difficult to predict. Since the improved write performance mode can distribute operations to two storage areas, it does really well at higher queue depths. Still, the default setting for maximum capacity is many times faster than the other flash SSDs.


Compared to the other workloads, the average database throughput is also a bit lower, due to mixed reads and writes at small block sizes. However, the ioDrive setups are still 38-100 times faster for this type of application. Imagine how slow a conventional hard drive would be.