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HomePlug AV2 Powerline Networking Adapter Round-Up

Test Results

2GB Folder Copy Tests

Remember that these numbers are the peak values observed. Obtaining averages was difficult using the Networx software since the test didn't automatically stop calculating once the transfer ceased. In other words, after the folder copy finished, every second after dropped the average transfer rate.

Keeping this in mind, you'll notice that the TP-Link TL-PA6010 kit performed best in the same-room measurement, in either direction, by almost 28 percent. We have a tight middle grouping between ZyXEL and Trendnet, as D-Link's DHP-600AV edges out the rest of the pack by almost six percent.

Moving the powerline adapters farther away from each other seems to improve the transmission rate in some cases, while clearly affecting others negatively. As to what factors influence the outcome, read our How We Test article to see how difficult it is to answer that question.

We can at least see that the same hardware ends up on top. The TP-Link powerline adapters again pull in the lead position, while D-Link retains its second-place standing. Below those two, there's some shuffling in finishing order, as ZyXEL drops to last place.

Moving the remote powerline adapters to the second floor, TP-Link retains its lead while Trendnet continues its upward trajectory, displacing D-Link for second place. ZyXEL retains its standing from the Same Floor test.

Once again, TP-Link leads the pack. But we have a shift for second place as ZyXEL zooms ahead of the rest and kicks Trendnet out of second place, knocking everyone else down a peg.

In the longest linear distance test, TP-Link refuses to give up its lead, and ZyXEL maintains a second-place spot.

Performance Test 8 Results

This first set of results again compares peak values, as measured by the PerformanceTest 8's Advanced Networking Test. What I like about PerformanceTest 8 is its more static recording of the averages once the benchmark completes. So, let's cover the peak values above for our Same Room test and pit them against the average values below.

When it comes to measuring throughput, I'm always interested in the averages as well as the peaks because I want to know how well speed is maintained over time. Fortunately, it appears in all cases that differences are not drastic, although the averages are naturally lower. We also observe that the averages don't change our rankings: TP-Link finishes in first place again. Interestingly, though, Trendnet and D-Link swap places, according to PerformanceTest 8.

Next up, we have UDP (User Datagram Protocol).

The above chart clearly requires explanation. For the adapter with no score, when I tested their UDP throughput, the stats on the client side claimed throughput was reaching upward of 300 Mb/s. However, when I verified those figures on the server side, throughput was much lower due to packet loss. That same condition occurs when you flood a switch with UDP packets, as it overwhelms the receiving device's capacity to keep pace with the traffic. Out of those adapters that didn't flood the receiving device, ZyXEL wins out, followed by D-Link and Trendnet.

Our Same Floor test reflects the same rankings as those found in our 2GB folder copy benchmark. Mainly, TP-Link finishes in the lead.

The top three products maintain the same standings in this test as on the previous page.

Based on the First Floor to Basement test above and the Second Floor to Basement test below, ZyXEL seems to perform better using wiring on the outer walls of the house.