SSD Caching (Without Z68): HighPoint's RocketHybrid 1220

Benchmark Results: Startup/Shutdown Times

We started the system and waited three minutes before launching Adobe Photoshop CS5. The Photoshop folder was included in the controller’s cache by default, as all installed programs are part of the default configuration. This reduced the app's launch time from the hard drive from almost 18 seconds to a bit more than 14 seconds on average. The difference is noticeable, but not significant. Starting Photoshop from the SSD takes only 6 seconds, and less than 5 seconds on a Vertex 3, for example.

The Windows startup process can also be accelerated using the hybrid setup. Using Intel’s X25-V only has a small impact, shaving off one to two seconds. The Samsung PM810 is a bit faster, taking roughly five seconds less to start Windows. However, the pure SSD finishes this job in less than 10 seconds. A faster SSD probably isn't going to make much difference here. However, a Vertex 3 can boot your Windows 7 on a comparable test system in less than 10 seconds.

The shutdown time is not accelerated by the RocketHybrid setup at all.

Putting a Windows 7 system into hibernation does not speed up on the hybrid configurations.