SSD Caching (Without Z68): HighPoint's RocketHybrid 1220

Benchmark Results: PCMark Vantage Suite

The Communications suite clearly benefits from both hybrid setups without approaching the individual SSD’s performance.

This is interesting for gamers, as the PCMark Vantage Gaming test benefits significantly from the RocketHybrid array using an SSD cache. It’s interesting to see that even the Intel X25-V delivers a performance jump that takes you close to the performance level you get from the Samsung SSD.

This result set shows the balance of power between the single Samsung SSD on its own, the hard drive, and the two cached scenarios. Note that the differences are larger than what is seen in real life.

Overall, PCMark Vantage shows that there is approximately 12% more performance on the cached RocketHybrid systems. It is interesting that the faster and larger Samsung SSD does not pull ahead significantly, meaning that a low-cost SSD could be sufficient to operate a SSD cached storage system.