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New EA Sports Titles, Forza V, 15 Exclusives on Xbox One

Though Microsoft revealed the Xbox One as its next-generation console, gamers who tuned into the announcement were probably a little disappointed. Microsoft made it pretty clear in the first half hour that the announcement was going to be all about the One's other entertainment features. Anything about gaming would be banished to the company's E3 conference in a few weeks.

Still, Microsoft made the wise move to not entirely neglect a hardcore gaming audience. In between discussing the new TV deals that would be coming to the Xbox, it sneaked in a few glimpses of games. EA Sports's Andrew Wilson took to the stage to briefly show off the new FIFA, Madden, NBA Live, and UFC games, taking particular care to announce that there would be FIFA 14 Ultimate Team content exclusive to the Xbox One.

Microsoft's Phil Spencer of Microsoft Studios followed up EA Sports with the announcement of Forza Motorsports V and a new Remedy Entertainment (the developer behind Max Payne and Alan Wake) exclusive. Quantum Break, an exclusive launch title, featured a trailer that was a confusing blend of live action and gameplay footage that featured a ship crashing into a bridge. Of course, no explanation was provided.

The rest of the reveal neglected to mention any videogames beyond a Call of Duty: Ghosts trailer and the tangentially-related Halo-Steven Spielberg TV deal.

For gamers, the reveal was a little underwhelming. Where were the 15 exclusives (eight of which are to be original IP) that Microsoft promised? Or better yet, where are Microsoft's priorities with the launch of its new "gaming" console?