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440BX Motherboard Review - Summer 1999


Each of these manufacturers was able to create a functionally stable and well performing motherboard within the Intel specification, but only a few were able to push the limits of our finicky overclocked Pentium II CPU. Unfortunately, the purchase decision cannot be made on performance alone, given the small differences we see in the performance testing. The most important decision on any product is to make sure the product meets your functionality and feature requirements. Therefore, each of the features must be taken into consideration. If a user doesn't plan on doing any overclocking, any of these motherboards could fit the bill. Given my preferences, I like the ASUS P3B-F. I believe it provides the best all around flexibility giving the option of a JumperFree BIOS configuration for advanced users. It also provides the system integrator the ability to disable this feature prohibiting an un-experienced user the potential to misconfigure the CPU settings, possibly destroying the system. I am also fond of the frequency granularity provided by the P3B-F. Having this allows the overclocker to step up their frequency gradually until they reach a stable setting. Also, the ASUS P3B-F has a slight edge in the gaming benchmarks, which scores another point with me.