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Attack: Duron 1200 Takes On the Pentium 4

The Facts: AMD Duron Up To 1400 MHz

Both the Duron 1100 and the new Duron 1200 are based on the current 'Morgan' processor core. If we examine the technical aspects of the Morgan core, we can see that it's nothing more than a stripped-down Palomino. The basic difference between the 'Morgan' and the 'Palomino' is the size of the L2 cache: while the Morgan is only equipped with 64 kB, the Palomino has 256 kB L2 cache. Both the Morgan and the Palomino are manufactured using the 0.18 micron process. It won't be until 2002 that AMD will reduce the processor die. At that point, it will introduce the Appaloose (code name for the Morgan's successor) and switch to 0.13 micrometers. It appears likely that AMD will also introduce a 1400 MHz Duron before switching to the new Appaloosa core.

View of AMD's current roadmap. However, it remains to be seen whether the new processors with the 0.13 micron cores will be available on time.