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Mega Test: 14 Boards with KT266A and nForce 420D

Chaintech CT-7VJDA- Ideal For Overclocking

The Chaintech has multifarious overclocking features.

Board revision: ?

BIOS version: no information

This is how it looks at your local computer store.

An enormous passive cooler is installed on the Chaintech's North Bridge. The integrated PCI-3D sound feature was a plus in the test. For this feature, the manufacturer provides a fitting slot bracket with audio parts for the second and third sound channels (bass-booster and center). The concurrent integration of an ACR and CNR slot was rather unnecessary. With this gambit, Chaintech hopes to attract customers in the OEM segment, and pocket a fat premium to boot. A conspicuous feature is the stable voltage supply provided by 8 fixed-voltage regulators. Hardcore overclockers will love it - the board allows you to pump the core voltage to up to 1.85 volts, making it an ideal pick to overclock the AMD Athlon XP. The Chaintech's performance is on a par with that of the Asus A7V266-E - they score the same in nearly all the benchmarks.