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Razer's Diamondback: The Mouse that Roars?

Too Fast?

So, the Razer Diamondback has an internal resolution of 1600 cpi, which means that you can accelerate it in Windows up to that value without losing accuracy. But obviously that's out of touch with reality. Even at 1600x1200, speeding the mouse up that high makes it uncontrollable.

The Shape Of Things

Theory is fine, but practice is what counts. And the shape of the mouse, and also its weight, play a determining role in its overall precision. The Diamondback's shape, like the Viper's, is very low-profile, almost flat. Yet the Diamondback is a little broader and a little more curved. On the sides, a band of rubber helps you hold the mouse with your thumb and index finger. The shape won't please everyone. It requires active handling of the mouse. Your hand can't rest completely on the mouse body because it's not rounded enough. In combination with its extreme lightness, the result is very precise handling - but also very sensitive. The mouse follows your slightest movement. A more rounded, heavier mouse would have more inertia. It's really a matter of taste. One thing is sure, however - the Diamondback's shape results in greater precision, but also more fatigue. However, it's more comfortable than the Viper. The two very wide buttons and the scroll wheel, just as large, handle very well with a risk of error that's near zero. The wheel may feel a bit stiff, and so may its click. The Diamondback has two additional side buttons that pivot forward and backward, which amounts to four additional controls. In practice, they aren't useable, because operating them unavoidably makes the mouse move. Too bad.

Under the mouse are three wide Teflon feet, which slide perfectly provided they're kept clean. Finally, the very long USB cord is thin and has no memory so as not to hamper movement. The Diamondback is available in two finishes: translucent black and a kind of metalflake mauve.

To sum up, the body of this mouse is designed for extreme precision - admittedly at the expense of comfort.