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Skyhawk's Small Form Factor Ambitions

How We Tested The Skyhawk

To turn the Skyhawk IMC-6375 into a working computer, we had to install numerous additional hardware components. That is because a barebone SFF PC includes only the case, the motherboard and a power supply (but, as with most other offerings of this type, the unit also included a compatible CPU fan/cooler unit as well).

Completing the assembly requires:

  • Memory modules
  • Hard disk
  • CD/DVD drive
  • CPU chip
  • (optional) graphics card

Both of these fast Twinmos 512 MB memory modules clock at 2-2-5.

The guard disk and optical CD/DVD drives we used.

A socket 478 CPU is required.

The graphic card should be fast and quiet if you decide to add one to the Skyhawk.