DeepCool Reveals GamerStorm Lucifer CPU Heatsink

DeepCool has released a new CPU cooler that is named Lucifer, which makes up part of the GamerStorm series. The tower-style cooler measures 140 x 110 mm and is 163 mm tall. Adding a fan will make it 26 mm thicker, resulting in the unit weighing 1.1 kg.

The unit's main cooling assembly is made with a large array of aluminum fins through which users will find a total of six 6 mm thick nickel-plated copper heat pipes. These heat pipes take the heat from a nickel-plated copper base. Lucifer's fan is rather demonic. It measures 140 mm, can spin at speeds between 700 and 1400 RPM while being PWM controlled, and will push up to 81.33 CFM of air at its maximum speed. When running at just 700 RPM it will make 17.8 dBA of noise, while it might get as loud as 31.1 dBA when running at full speed.

Sadly, it remains unknown whether you will actually be able to purchase the DeepCool GamerStorm Lucifer, since word has it that it will only be released in the Greater China region. There was no word on pricing or availability either.

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  • faster23rd
    When I think of Lucifer, I figure it's the devil brooding in hell. And while he's used to living in extreme heat, it's not really in his agenda to cool the place. Hmmmm. Wonder what prompted DeepCool to go for Lucifer, maybe he's extreme and all? :))
  • razor512
    I hate that design, do not make the sides sink in llike that. (My current sunbeam core contact cooler does that and it is a horrible design. due to the design of the fans most of the airflow is directed around the edges of the fan, and when the side of the heatsink is not a uniform thickness, you end up with inefficacies.
    the area before the indentation remains cool and gets a lot of airflow, then the area after the indent (where the fins get wider again) they remain how and get very little airflow from the fan)

    Using tape to make a box to even out the width of the cooler and box in the gaps for force all of the air to go through the length of fins dropped my CPU temperature by about 10-12C over what the heatsink can already do on it's default config.
  • killerclick
    Heatsink design is not ideal and 700 RPM is too high for lowest setting. A nice quiet 400 RPM would be more like it.