Matias Releases the World's Quietest Mechanical Keyboard

As almost any gamer can agree with, mechanical keyboards are incredible. The tactile response from your keyboard can prove to be quite a satisfying experience. But for everyone else that has to listen to the clickity clack, the mechanical keyboard can be a total nightmare. While some companies will offer quieter switches (ie Razer's Blackwidow Ultimate) the loud clicking noises of an active gamer can still be heard from quite a distance.To the delight of many ears worldwide, Canada's Matias Corporation has announced a new keyboard it likes to call "The World's Quietest Mechanical Keyboard". Called the Quiet Pro, Matias' latest keyboard is the result of over two years of research. Without sacrificing any tactile feedback, the keyboard is advertised to be much quieter than its Cherry MX-based competitors.

As usual, the keyboard comes in either a PC (all black) or Mac (silver & black) layout, each with laser-etched keys and three additional USB 2.0 ports. In addition, each key features sculpted keytops, a refreshing change from most of today's flattop keys. The down side is you'll have to pay the usual premium for this mechanical keyboard, maybe even a little more. Both models are now available for $150 in Canada or the U.S., with additional availability promised for January. For more info or to order your own, head on over to the Matias page here.


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  • The fun of a mechanical keyboard is the sound.
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  • The fun of a mechanical keyboard is the sound.
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    Mechanical keyboard


    My facepalm is the size of the "Stay Puft", right now... :\

  • Personally, this is my favourite keyboard design. It is very simplistic, and mechanical. However for those late nights my regular mechanical keyboard can make a LOT of noise.

    But at $150? Nope.