Corsair's Commander Mini Can Boss All Your Fans Around

Corsair's Link system is a combination of hardware and software that can be used to control a number of Corsair products in your case. These products include your Corsair closed-loop liquid cooler and your Corsair power supply, but no more -- until now. Corsair is introducing the Commander Mini, which is a central hub for your Corsair Link-compatible devices and a fan controller.

The Commander Mini can feed up to six individual 4-pin fan channels along with four Corsair Link devices. It also has support for RGB LEDs, as well as four thermal sensors.

The Commander Mini can push up to 12 W per fan channel, along with up to 24 W per RGB LED channel, with a combined total of 48 W. This might not be as much power as having more analog fan controllers, but so long as you don't hook up too many fans, it won't be a problem. The unit is powered by a single SATA power connector and can be plugged into an internal USB header. You'll be able to mount the device behind most motherboard trays thanks to its slim design.

If you don't want to control your fans and water coolers through the BIOS, a solution like this might be interesting. It will allow you to control all your fans, pumps and LEDs from within a single software interface on your desktop, which admittedly is quite nifty.

The unit is available immediately from Corsair, and should be arriving at retailers soon. Pricing is set at $59.99.

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  • TechyInAZ
    Nice, perfect if you have a corsair link PSU and liquid cooler.
  • falchard
    I like it. Simple and effective.
  • Zeroplanetz
    May have to look into this more. I have 6 fans (need better ones though). Plus I'm getting a aio unit. So this could control all that? I would get corsairs pwm SP fans but i think the thing holding me back on those is the cfm rates. I dunno.