Apple's iPhone Trade-in Program Not Available Internationally

Apple during the week confirmed its iPhone trade-in program is real. In fact, it confirmed the program's existence and revealed that it's already rolling out to Apple stores across the United States. Sadly, any die-hard Apple fans in the UK, Canada, or elsewhere will have to shelve their dreams of trading their old iPhone for a shiny new model.

Apple has confirmed to Crave that the service will not be rolling out anywhere outside of the United States.

"This program is currently US only and we have nothing further to add at this point in time," an Apple spokesperson told Crave in a statement.

Rumors of Apple's trade-in program have been doing the rounds for months, though none of those rumors mentioned the program launching anywhere other than the United States. Looks like everyone else will have to deal with buying their iPhone 5Ses sans discount. Bummer.

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  • house70
    Like I predicted, we got 2 more [useless] articles about this [stupid] program.
    Gee, thanks, Jane. You made us see the light.
  • tului
    Of course it's US only. The rest of the world is where they plan on dumping the ones they pay Americans peanuts for.
  • southernshark
    Man it sucks that I work internationally. I wouldn't be able to trade in an iPhone if I bought one. I guess I shouldn't be too worried though since I don't have any plans to ever buy one in the first place.