Microsoft Wants to Sell You Anti-Google Mugs and T-shirts

Microsoft's been running its 'Scroogled' campaign against Google for a long time. Between advertisements and commercials, the company's campaign was pretty diverse. Now, Redmond is taking things to a whole new level.

Microsoft is now selling 'Scroogled' merchandise. The company has launched a website that allows users to purchase everything from hats to mugs to t-shirts with the Scroogled logo or other anti-Google phrases. This includes a mug with the Chrome logo that says, "Keep calm while we steal your data," and a t-shirt featuring a Chrome spider with the caption, "Step into our web."

The Scroogled campaign has been running since November of last year and kicked off with the launch of, a website where Microsoft attempted to educate users about Google's evil ways. This soon spread to TV and newspapers with commercials running on NBC and CNN and newspaper ads in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post. Now it looks like Microsoft wants its users to be walking advertisements for its anti-Google ad campaign.

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  • There are literally tens of people who are going to be excited about this.
  • Doesn't the "Step into our web" shirt work both ways? I actually kind of like it.

    Not enough to pay for it though.
  • Meanwhile they give the biggest insult away for free, internet explorer. On a side note though it really is the single best browser to download chrome with.