Razer Intros Chroma Peripherals With Adjustable Color LEDs

Razer announced its new Chroma feature, which is a combination of both software and hardware to customize your peripherals. The company is touting three new devices: the BlackWidow Ultimate Chroma, the DeathAdder Chroma, and the Kraken 7.1 Chroma. We don't know much about the products themselves yet, but it is safe to assume that the biggest difference from their non-Chroma counterparts will be the LED color customizability.

The mechanical BlackWidow Ultimate Chroma keyboard will have individual LEDs under each key, each of which can be lit with one of 16.8 million colors. The same is true for the mouse and the headset, although we don't know yet how many different color zones these will have. Razer did launch its product page for the BlackWidow Ultimate Chroma, though, so you can check that out already.

These peripherals will be driven by the Razer Synapse software, which will include a handful of preset patterns and effects such as spectrum cycling, breathing, waves, reactive typing. You can customize each LED individually, and an SDK will also be available later this year for developers to make their own effects. Razer Synapse also allows all your Razer Chroma peripherals will work together -- that is, the color scheme and effects you choose will sync across your devices -- so you will be indirectly rewarded for having matching gear.

The Razer Chroma hardware will hit shelves starting September 2014, although no information on pricing is available yet. Corsair has some competition for Razer's Chroma line with its RGB lineup of peripherals, which should also be coming to shelves within a similar time frame.

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  • BigMuffinMan
    Who needs good sensors and software when we could have a shit ton of colors on our mouse
  • DragonFireXY
    Who needs good sensors and software when we could have a shit ton of colors on our mouse

    It's essentially the same marketing scheme Alienware uses.
  • airborne11b
    I hope they make a tenkeyless tournament edition, or that corsair makes a tenkeyless rgb keyboard.

    Whoever makes one first will get my money for sure.