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Benchmark Results: Productivity

AMD Desktop Trinity Update: Now With Core i3 And A8-3870K

Trinity dominates in our OCR-oriented workload, followed by Llano. The Sandy Bridge-based i3 takes second-to-last yet again.

From our preview of the Trinity-based desktop APUs:

“Our audience likes to see Fritz included in our suite, but unlike some of our more applicable benchmarks, a loss in Fritz isn’t particularly concerning for us, given its fairly synthetic outcome.”

Our analysis from Visual Studio applies here as well:

“In contrast, compiling Google Chrome in Visual Studio 2010 is the very definition of real-world. And while we can fairly easily dismiss the results from Fritz, the fact that the second-fastest Llano-based APU outmaneuvers the soon-to-be flagship A10 isn’t something you can argue away using references to heterogeneous computing. If you already own Llano, it's going to be hard to compel an upgrade based on results like these.”

The difference is that Intel’s Core i3 lands right between the Llano-based parts and Trinity. These aren’t the right CPUs to buy for someone who compiles a lot of code, though.

Excellent single-threaded performance grants Core i3 the win when we print a PowerPoint document to PDF, though the A10 isn’t far behind.

The better news is that Trinity completely outclasses Llano in this metric.

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