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Benchmark Results: Productivity

System Builder Marathon, Sept. '09: $650 Gaming PC


The $650 PC easily bests the $600 SBM build at stock clocks, but falls short once both are overclocked.

A6% time reduction separates first from last. Clock-for-clock, these two dual-core systems look to be on par, but both are slow compared to AMD Phenom II or Intel Core 2 systems sporting more cores.

Here there is a reversal of the iTunes results--for the first and only time throughout the applications suite, the stock $650 PC defeats the overclocked $600 PC. 

While WinRAR compression favored the Phenom II, it’s the overclocked Pentium completing WinZip compression in the least time. 

We’ve recently added Adobe Photoshop CS4 to the SBM test suite, so there’s no comparison to the last round. While overclocking helped complete the job 16% quicker, here’s another application where we could use additional CPU cores. 

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