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Game Benchmarks

Mullins And Beema APUs: AMD Gets Serious About Tablet SoCs

We brought games with us that we knew would be lightweight. However, the following two titles turned out to be more demanding than a 4.5 W APU can realistically handle, even with detail settings dialed all the way down. Had I been able to take the platform home with me, I would have revisited my choices. For now, the following results still tell an interesting tale about 3D performance, at least.

The frame rates are low across the board. But the A10 Micro-6700T beats the Celeron J1900 in Grid 2. I was hoping for more in Dota 2. However, it looks like that title prefers Intel's x86 architecture over AMD's. Still, that's not bad for a 4.5 W APU going up against a 10 W SoC designed to drop onto a desktop-class motherboard.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get Dota 2 onto Dell's Venue 8 Pro for Atom Z3740D numbers. That tablet is limited to 1280x800, and I was benchmarking at 1920x1080.

Don't be discouraged by the low frame rates. I've had surprising success getting some great titles running on tablets with Atom processors inside. Hopefully, Mullins pushes progress in that space even further, given AMD's experience with performance-oriented graphics.

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