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Results: Hitman Absolution

Challenging FPS: Testing SLI And CrossFire Using Video Capture

Like Far Cry 3, this title is included in AMD's Never Settle bundle. We were surprised to see it take up 25 GB of storage space.

So, check this out: two Radeon HD 7870s in CrossFire achieve the highest "actual" frame rate, while the corrected "practical" result comes in at the bottom. On average, the difference is just under 5 FPS. However, the minimum drops by 9 FPS.

By now we're familiar with this chart format, which shows the hardware frame rate spiking occasionally.

This is another game in which the Radeon cards suffer from a relatively high amount of frame rate variance. We didn't notice this negatively affecting our experience in Hitman (and we've repeatedly told both AMD and Nvidia that frame rate consistently seems to affect certain titles more than others). However, it does help explain the data we're reporting.

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