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Power Supply Roundup: Part II

The efficiency of the Silver Power supply is refreshingly high at 87% for medium loads, and remains at 86% even at low loads. Only under full load does the efficiency sink to 84%.

In our 35 watt test, the power supply achieves 75% efficiency, which is still a comparatively high level.

The low load in standby is worthy of note here; the Silver Power supply only uses 0.43 watts and thus has the lowest power consumption of the entire test field. Also, with load on standby of 500 mA, the Silver Power power supply is the most efficient, with a power consumption of 3.70 watts. This puts it at the top of the field (even if only by a small margin).

Yet again, however, we find this supply available overseas without much availability in the US.

Silver Power SP-SS500
Efficient power supply that is too loud under high load.
  • Positive
  • Negative
    • High efficiency
    • Very loud under high load

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