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Processors - Page 14


Today's desktop processors continue to push the performance envelope, while in the mobile space low-cost and high-efficiency processors take us ever closer to ubiquitous computing. From reviews to benchmarks, on desktops to smartphones, Tom's Hardware has the processor information you need.

news - JULY 15 48

AMD is apparently quietly adding a new SKU to its Llano processor lineup.

news - JULY 13 83

Seemingly backing up the recent Xbox 720 documents, a patent describes a dual-system console that can be customized like a PC.

news - JULY 12 36

Forget 10x efficiency increase. What about 1,000,000x?

news - JULY 12 33

Intel has quietly published a reference manual of its upcoming Poulson Itanium processors.

news - JULY 11 12

A Chinese website reports that Nvidia is thinking about extending its $199 tablet strategy to smartphones.

news - JULY 11 45

AMD has told investors that its second quarter revenue will be much lower than previously anticipated.

news - JULY 10 47

Intel is getting serious about 450 nm wafers and EUV, again.

news - JULY 10 32

Intel may be bowing to the pressure of system vendors and reducing the price of some low-power processors to enable lower ultrabook prices.

news - JULY 9 39

Rumors about the successor of Trinity are beginning to surface on the Internet.

news - JULY 9 30

Building a quantum computer is one of the big quests in physics today. It's a path littered with obstacles, but tiny milestones are achieved almost every day by researchers around the globe.

news - JULY 9 68

Intel is not content with a 1.06 billion Euro (about $1.34 billion) fine it was handed by EU antitrust regulators.

news - JULY 5 11

A team of researchers claims to have found a way to make electronic devices far more stretchable than they are today.

news - JULY 3 91

There are high hopes for AMD's Piledriver FX CPUs, but Steamroller may be more interesting.

news - JULY 1 39

The U.S. has reclaimed dominance in the list of the 500 fastest supercomputers of the world.

reviews - JUNE 25 14

Now that Intel has launched more than 30 Xeon E5-series CPUs, we felt it necessary to revisit the product family and help you sort out the company's nomenclature. We're even taking the opportunity to list out...

news - JUNE 23 23

Futuremark has released a video of the next version of its benchmarking utility due out later this year.

news - JUNE 22 23

Intel is reportedly preparing a more aggressive push for its smartphone processor architecture, as demand apparently has been rather limited at this time and vendors apparently believe that the company isn't...

news - JUNE 21 18

As Intel is moving to Ivy Bridge, the company is making some room and phasing out Sandy Bridge chips.

news - JUNE 19 70

The mystery has been solved! Or should we say revealed?

news - JUNE 18 87

A leaked document has provided us with a heap of information about the upcoming Xbox 720.

news - JUNE 18 12

There may be an unexpected solution for the challenge of shrinking transistor sizes.

news - JUNE 14 24

AMD has announced a unique partnership with ARM that will see AMD incorporate ARM technology into its chips as a method of improving security.

news - JUNE 13 3

We're live here in Bellevue, WA bringing you live updates of the latest from AMD and its partners.

news - JUNE 12 26

Can Intel's Clover Trail turn tablets into iPad killers?

news - JUNE 12 45

Never mind quad-core, is questioning dual-core chips with Android.

news - JUNE 12 9

Live from Bellevue, Washington at AFDS 2012.