This $1.50 Bracket Fixes All Your 'Sticky' AMD Ryzen Woes

Save yourself from bent pins

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GELID has created a new CPU protection bracket for AMD Ryzen processors that safely ensures your processor won't get yanked out of its socket when disconnecting your CPU cooler, and it costs just $1.50. The new bracket addresses a long-held problem with some AMD CPUs: Sometimes the bond of the thermal paste is strong enough that the CPU pops out of the socket when you remove your CPU cooler. 

This isn't the first time we've seen a bracket like this; a version of this bracket has been on sale for months now in Asia, and it does the exact same thing: Protecting a Ryzen CPU from being ripped out of its socket when you remove the CPU cooler. GIELD is the first company to bring this bracket to the United States, and as you can see in the image below, the bracket completely surrounds AMD's AM4 processors to keep them firmly locked into the socket. 

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Fortunately, 'sticky' Ryzen chips usually aren't a huge problem. In fact, you can completely circumvent this problem by ensuring your thermal paste is warm before taking your CPU cooler off. This can be done by simply leaving the system on for a few minutes. Also, giving the cooler a slight twist as you remove it tends to solve the issue. 

In the event your CPU cooler does get ripped out of its socket, that won't damage the CPU or motherboard. However, if you don't realize the CPU is still attached, you could damage the chip if you set the cooler down on a table or something else. 

The bracket is perfectly optional, but it can give you some extra insurance to avoid a potentially costly mistake. The bracket works with all of Gelid's AM4 mounting kits and is available now.  

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