Icenhancer 2.1 Released to Super Upgrade GTA IV Graphics

The graphics mod turns GTA IV into a photo-realistic high-end graphics spectacle with stunning light effects, depth of field, motion blur, lens flare and reflection effects as well as added weather conditions.

According to the developer, the mod is compatible with GTA IV versions to The download is about 3.7 MB and almost certainly will affect the gameplay experience in ways other than pretty effects. It appears that the mod will drop the fps performance by up to 20 percent and the developer noted that especially GeForce 400-, 500-, 200- and 8800-series cards tend to overheat when running the mod. To avoid any damage, Keilany provides a special dll file for those cards. Users who are installing the mod are advised to read the attached readme file.

Keilany had announced previously that there will be no more updates for GTA IV. There is currently a poll on his Facebook page that asks users which game should be modded next. At this time, it appears that there is a strong preference for Skyrim, followed by Minecraft and GTA V.

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  • toddybody
    All this can be yours, with only 2 GTX 680s. :D

    Seriously though, gorgeous MOD. Well done Hayssam
  • mazty
    Very impressive but sadly I wont be installing it because GTA4 was so badly ported that even with a GTX560Ti i'm getting shoddy FPS, so a drop further would make it unplayable.

  • killabanks
    wow impressive Rockstar should scoop him up
  • Assmar
  • memadmax
    killabankswow impressive Rockstar should scoop him up
    Anyone should scoop him up, seriously, they need to learn to do high def screening....
  • Regor245
    My PC is struggling to run icenhancer :P even with Anti Aliasing Off.

    Only Around 20 FPS.. But still it makes my CPU usage lower, from 90% down to 60%. It's like from being CPU hog to GPU hog.

    I need a 2500k and a GTX 670 for this ^^

  • xtreme5
    nice job.
  • digitalraven
    How would an XFX 5970 BE handle this mod?
  • shin0bi272
    There was talk when dx11 first came out that it would enable photorealistic textures... it appears that that's coming true. Good to see graphics advancing in spite of the consoles. Really hate to see things stagnate just because devs get lazy.
  • belardo
    Most impressive.