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Pentium Processor Reference Table

Pentium Markings

The following is the Pentium Processor Reference Table & CPU Marking.

Pentium Processor Reference Table Index
Vcc typeSTD3.135V ~ 3.6V
VRE3.4V ~ 3.6V
VRMVoltage Regulator Module / Header 7 Socket
CPU timingSTDStandard timing
MDMin Delay
KitSupports timing for C55/C88 cache chipsets & design
DPDual Processor support after B4 stepping
Socket5320 Pins
7321 Pins

Pentium Reference Table

This is the copy of the original Intel Reference Table from the Pentium processor FAQs .It's the latest up to date info about the Pentium from June 27, 1996.

TypeFamilyModelSteppingMfg. SteppingCore/bus MHzS-SpecCommentsNotes
2521B190/60SX874DP, STD
0521B1100/66SX910VR, MD
0522B375/50SX951TCP Mobile
2522B390/60SX942DP, STD
2522B390/60SX943DP, VR
2522B390/60SX944DP, MD
TypeFamilyModelSteppingMfg. SteppingCore/bus MHzS-SpecCommentsNotes
0522B3100/66SX960VRE/ MD
0524B575/50SX975TCP Mobile
0 or 2524B575/50SX961STD
0 or 2524B575/50SZ977STD5
0 or 2524B590/60SX957STD
0 or 2524B590/60SX958VR
0 or 2524B590/60SX959MD
0 or 2524B590/60SZ978STD5
0 or 2524B5100/66SX962VRE/MD
0525C275/50SK079TCP Mobile
0 or 2525C275/50SX969STD
0 or 2525C275/50SX998MD
TypeFamilyModelSteppingMfg. SteppingCore/Bus MHzS-SpecCommentsNotes
0 or 2525C275/50SZ994STD5
0 or 2525C275/50SU070STD6
0 or 2525C290/60SX968STD
0 or 2525C290/60SZ995STD5
0 or 2525C290/60SU031STD6
0 or 2525C2100/50 or 66SX970VRE/MD
0 or 2525C2100/50 or 66SX963STD
0 or 2525C2100/50 or 66SZ996STD5
0 or 2525C2100/50 or 66SU032STD6
TypeFamilyModelSteppingMfg. SteppingCore/Bus MHzS-SpecCommentsNotes
0525mA175/50SK089VRT, TCP2,4
0525mA175/50SK091VRT, SPGA2,4
0 or 252BcB1120/60SK110STD/no Kit3,4
0 or 252BcB1133/66SK106STD/no Kit3,4
0 or 252BcB1133/66SK106JSTD/no Kit3,4,7
0 or 252BcB1133/66SK107STD4
0 or 252BcB1133/66SU038STD/no Kit3,4,6
052BmcB1100/66SY029VRT, TCP2,4
052BmcB1120/60SK113VRT, TCP2,4
052BmcB1120/60SK118VRT, TCP2,4,7
052BmcB1120/60SX9993.3V, SPGA4
0 or 252CcC0133/66SY022STD/No Kit3
0 or 252CcC0133/66SY023STD
0 or 252CcC0133/66SU073STD/No Kit3,6
0 or 252CcC0150/60SY015STD
0 or 252CcC0150/60SU071STD6
0 or 252CcC0166/66SY016VRE/no kit3
0 or 252CcC0166/66SY017VRE
0 or 252CcC0166/66SU072VRE/no kit3,6
0 or 252CcC0200/66SY044VRE,PPGA9
0570mA475/50SK119VRT, TCP2,4
TypeFamilyModelSteppingMfg. SteppingCore/Bus MHzS-SpecCommentsNotes
0570mA475/50SK122VRT, SPGA2,4
0570mA490/60SK120VRT, TCP2,4
0570mA490/60SK123VRT, SPGA2,4
0570mA4100/66SK121VRT, TCP2,4
0570mA4100/66SK124VRT, SPGA2,4
052CmcC0100/66SY046SPGA 3.1V2
052CmcC0120/60SY027SPGA 3.1V2
052CmcC0120/60SY030SPGA 3.3V2
052CmcC0133/66SY028SPGA 3.1V2
0 or 2526E075/50SY005STD
0 or 2526E075/50SU097STD5
0 or 2526E075/50SU098STD6
0 or 2526E090/60SY006STD
0 or 2526E0100/66SY007STD
0 or 2526E0100/66SU110STD5
0 or 2526E0100/66SU099STD6
0 or 2526E0120/60SY033STD
0 or 2526E0120/60SU100STD6


  • STD:
    The VCC specification for the C2 and subsequent steppings of the Pentium processor is VCC = 3.135V to 3.6V. The voltage range for B-step parts remains at 3.135V - 3.465V. Note that all E0-step production parts are standard voltage.
  • VR:
    This is a reduced voltage specification that has the range of 3.300V - 3.465V.
  • VRE/MD:
    These parts have a reduced and shifted voltage specification. The VRE voltage range for the C2 and subsequent steppings of the Pentium processor is VCC = 3.40-3.60V. The VRE voltage range for B-step parts remains at 3.45-3.60V.
  • MD:
    Standard voltage specification, but with reduced minimum valid timings.
  • DP:
    indicates that this part can only be used as a dual processor.
  • CPU Type of "2" or "0 or 2" indicates this part supports dual processing. The Type corresponds to bits [13:12] of the EDX register after RESET, bits [13:12] of the EAX register after the CPUID instruction is executed. This is shown as 2 different values based on the operation of the device as the primary processor or the dual processor upgrade.
  • The Family corresponds to bits [11:8] of the EDX register after RESET, bits [11:8] of the EAX register after the CPUID instruction is executed.
  • The Model corresponds to bits [7:4] of the EDX register after RESET, bits [7:4] of the EAX register after the CPUID instruction is executed.
  • The Stepping corresponds to bits [3:0] of the EDX register after RESET, bits [3:0] of the EAX register after the CPUID instruction is executed.
  • 1 . TCASE = 60°C.
  • 2 . VRT Intel's Voltage Reduction Technology: The VCC for I/O is 3.3V, but the core VCC, accounting for about 90% of power usage, is reduced to 2.9V, to reduce power consumption and heating.
  • 3 . No Kit means that part meets the specifications but is not tested to support 82498/82493 and 82497/82492 cache timings
  • 4 . STEPPING The cB1 stepping is logically equivalent to the C2-step, but on a different manufacturing process. The mcB1 step is logically equivalent to the cB1 step (except it does not support DP, APIC or FRC). The mcB1, mA1, mA4 and mcC0-steps also use Intel's VRT (Voltage Reduction Technology, see note 2 above) and are available in the TCP and SPGA package, primarily to support mobile applications. All mobile steppings are distinguished by an additional "m" prefix, for "mobile".
  • 5 . This is a boxed Pentium processor without the attached fan heatsink.
  • 6 . This is a boxed Pentium processor with an attached fan heatsink.
  • 7 . These parts do not support boundary scan. S106J was previously marked (and is the same as) SK106J.
  • 8 . DP, FRC and APIC features are not supported on these parts.
  • 9 . These parts are packaged in the Plastic Pin Grid Array (PPGA)

also look at Pentium Processor Top & Bottom Markings


From CPU bottom side markSX994/VMU iPP
Pentium processor part mark
SpecSX???, SY???SK???, Q0???
TimingsS=STDM=Mini Delay
DP SupportS=STDU=Uniprocessor only
i75For 75 MHz
iPPFor 75/90/100/120/133 MHz

Pentium Pro Markings

Pentium Pro Processor Reference Table
CPU speedCPU specVcc typeCPU timingDP supportInternal clockExternal clockCPU SteppingCPU SocketL2 Cache
Pentium Pro 150SY0023.1VSTDYes2.5x clk60 MHzB08256K
Pentium Pro 200SY0133.3VSTDYes3x clk66 MHzB08256K

I'm afraid that's all I could get about the PPro so far. If you want more information try these two links: