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Next Gen Galaxy Note Could Shed Samsung's Plastic Design

Samsung may be changing its game plan for the upcoming Galaxy Note 3 with an all metal body. After the success of the HTC One's all aluminum body, Samsung appear to be edging away from plastic for its new phablet.

Sam Mobile claim that the company is planning on upping the build quality for the next gen Galaxy Note, completely out of league with any of its previous handheld designs. This is likely a reaction not only to HTC's success, but also as a response to criticisms concerning the cheap plastic build quality of the previous Galaxy S and Galaxy Note devices. 

Samsung already has a plan in hand, as it has apparently been experimenting with a metal Galaxy S4 which, while it was received positively by employees, was not put into effect due to delays in manufacturing and a possible revision of the original launch date.

As to what material is going to be used, we can only speculate. As the HTC One uses an all aluminum body and the iPhone 5 features aluminum with glass, we can expect to see one or both of those come up in the Galaxy Note 3. It would be nice to see the company experiment with some aesthetic materials on phone bodies such as polished chrome, titanium or even kevlar (rumored to be used for the Motorola X).

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